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How to beat the 2023 VELUX price rise


On the 1st of March 2023, a VELUX price rise will cause prices to increase by roughly 11%. Find out how you can pay less while still getting a top of the line VELUX Skylight.

Why did the prices rise?

Due to the increased cost of materials and freight costs, VELUX Australia have had to increase their prices. We’ve been assured that VELUX has made every effort to keep the increase to a minimum. While also ensuring they can continue to provide high-quality products.

Still, no one likes paying more for things if they don’t have to.

How much will prices increase by?

VELUX product prices will increase by approximately 11%. This applies to the recommended retail price.

For example:
A VELUX Fixed Skylight (FS) C01 was $542 RRP, including GST.
After March 1st, it will increase to $610 RRP – 11.25%.

A VELUX Solar Honeycomb Blind (FSCH) C01 was $520 RRP, including GST.
After March 1st, it will increase to $582 RRP – 11.92%.

A VELUX Solar Powered Skylight (VSS) S06 was $2,799 RRP, including GST.
After March 1st, it will increase to $3,166 RRP – 13.11%.

Which products will increase in price?

The price rise affects the entire VELUX product range – all models and all sizes. VELUX Skylights, roof windows, sun tunnels, blinds and accessories, will all see a price increase.

How you can save money on VELUX Skylights

Here are three strategies to help you save money on VELUX Skylights:

  1. 1
    Wait for discounts or sales
  2. 2
    Hunt for the lowest price
  3. 3
    Buy before the price rise

1. Wait for Sales

End of financial year, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas or Boxing Day. If you’ve got patience, then you could wait for a sale to get a discounted price.

But, there’s no guarantee the item you want will go on sale. And with inflation rising, prices could rise in the meantime.

If you’re not on the retailer’s mailing list, you might not know when the sale happens. Or you might get distracted with other things. Adding a reminder to your calendar is a possible workaround.

2. Go Price Hunting

It’s unlikely there will be any VELUX distributors, even the “big boys”, who can absorb the increased cost. Which means it will be passed directly onto consumers.

There is still a chance that you could get the lowest price by shopping around. Make sure you add the shipping costs into your equations. There are plenty of online stores that use a low sticker price to get you to their website and then slug you a marked-up shipping fee to compensate, so watch out.

Warning: due to the variety of the VELUX product range, it can be tricky getting the right one for your situation. Make sure you order from a business that will give you pre-sales support. Or, no questions asked returns, in case you order the wrong product.

If you happen to find a better price at a competitor’s website, try sending an email to see if the business will price match. Give us a call (1300 35 15 15) and we’ll certainly do our best match their price or even beat it!

3. Buy Now to Save

Waiting for a big sale is taking a gamble and bouncing from website to website to get the best price can be exhausting.

In our opinion, the best way to pay less for your VELUX Skylight is to buy before the 1st of March.

By acting early, you’ll save at least 11%!

If you order any VELUX product with Supreme Skylights and pay a deposit by 28th February, we’ll lock in the best price for you.

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