Replacement Skylight Domes

A broken skylight dome can be both a nuisance and a risk to your home as water leaks can cause damage that is costly to repair - especially if there is severe weather on it's way! Old skylight domes combined with unexpected hailstorms are a frequent reason why skylight domes might fail. Ordering a replacement skylight dome can be more cost effective than replacing the whole skylight.

Replacing the damaged skylight dome is essential to avoid water damage and avoid or minimise any resulting home repair costs. If you're unable to obtain a replacement immediately, we recommend that you carefully cover the skylight with a tarp or similar plastic and secure it with duct-tape or a jockey strap.

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  • Available in sizes 400 mm to 800 mm
  • Made with durable, 3 mm acrylic sheet
  • Dome shaped for increased strength

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Acrylic V.S. Polycarbonate Skylight Domes

Replacement skylight domes

Most standard skylight domes are made from 3mm Opal (translucent white) acrylic sheet (AKA: Plexiglass, perspex, lucite). Larger domes may be made with 4.5mm acrylic sheet for improved strength. Acrylic sheet is lightweight, durable and low cost, making it an excellent material for skylight domes.

Polycarbonate is usually only used for skylights that require high impact resistance. This is because polycarbonate is a significantly stronger polymer than acrylic but it also more expensive, making it more suitable for special situations.

How To Measure a Skylight Dome

If you're planning on replacing the skylight dome yourself then you'll need to get accurate measurements to ensure you order a replacement dome that will fit.

You'll need two measurements:

  1. the flange to flange size,
  2. and the flange width.
How to measure skylight dome size

When ordering a replacement skylight dome, the 'flange to flange size' and 'flange width' are the most important measurements. The 'dome height' and 'skylight size' are less important but telling the dome manufacturer these will help make sure your new dome is the correct size. Double check your measurements to avoid ordering the wrong sized dome.

TIP: take a photo of the existing skylight dome and send this with you order. This will help the skylight dome manufacturer to check the new dome will be suitable for your skylight.

How To Replace a Damaged Skylight Dome

Replacing a damaged skylight dome is a job you can do yourself provided you have the correct tools and can access to the roof safely. Tools you'll likely require include: a ladder, cordless drill, screwdrivers, Stanley knife, screws or aluminium rivets, pop-rivet gun, roofing silicone and silicone gun.

  1. Remove any metal trims or fastening screws that are holding the broken skylight dome in place and set these aside.

    TIP: We recommend using metal trims fastened with pop-rivets to secure domes to the skylight flashing in order to maximise the lifespan of the dome. Metal trims can be ordered at the same time you order a new skylight dome.
  2. Remove the broken dome while being careful of sharp edges - use gloves if you have them.
  3. Clean down the skylight flashing with a brush or damp cloth.
  4. Gently place the new skylight dome on the skylight flashing and ensure it fits correctly.
  5. Use the existing metal trims or fastening screws to secure the new skylight dome in place.
  6. Apply roofing silicone to any areas where water might penetrate e.g. tops of screws, rivets, etc.

Skylight Dome Replacement Services

Replacing a skylight dome isn't always a straightforward job because of the many skylight manufacturers, using a variety of dome sizes, flashings and fixing mechanisms. To get the job done right the first time, Supreme Skylights can measure, order and replace your damaged skylight dome with a new one, thereby extending the life of your current skylight.

An alternative to replacing the existing skylight dome is to upgrade to a larger skylight to let in more light (a job we often do) or replace it with a VELUX Skylight to drastically improve its durability.

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