October 14

5 Proven Health Benefits of Installing a Skylight


Studies into the health benefits of natural light on the human body date back to the 1920’s. These studies have been conducted on how daylight benefits people in a variety of environments from schools’ to offices, retail environments and even in the home.

According to the Australian Government, a skylight can admit more than three times as much light as a vertical window of the same size, so the benefits of natural light are increased with the installation of a skylight.

With the installation of a skylight you can access many of these benefits including:

Decreased Eye strain

Low or poor lighting can impact many people, in particular young people. It can lead to a decrease in one's ability to process information, stress and eye damage. A 2002 technical report found that there was a larger population of students with near-sightedness than there were in the average population which could be attributed to poor lighting in schools.

Lower Stress

Natural light has been shown in various studies to lower stress. Studies involving students and workers alike found that those working in environments with ample natural light are more likely to be more productive, attentive and enjoy what they do while those in darker environments with little to no natural light are more likely to be less productive, have lower motivation as well as be more likely to develop stress related issues.

Less Headaches

Poor lighting, increased stress and eye strain are factors that studies have found that increase headaches amongst people. Natural lighting has been shown to aid in the limiting of these headaches.

Reduce Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

SAD has been one of the most researched areas in the illnesses that light affects. SAD has been attributed to the amount of light available to individuals. Limited access to natural light has been shown to also increase fatigue, irritability, sadness and limited concentration. Access to sunlight and natural light are often prescribed as tools to aid in treating depression and anxiety as it can increase a variety of hormones that help improve mood.

Improve Sleep and Circadian Cycles

Other lighting studies have shown that the light absorbed by the eye controls the production of the hormone melatonin, which aids in sleep, mood, and maintaining body temperature among various other functions. Prolonged exposure to cool white fluorescent lights might induce abnormal circadian rhythms (our sleep cycles), replacing that with natural light however would allow for a more regular and restful sleep cycle.

Adding a skylight to your home, office or school will allow you to reap the various proven benefits of increased natural light while going about your daily life. A skylight will aid in your overall health, through allowing for a better sleep, a decrease in headaches and eye strain, while increasing the likelihood of productivity and positive moods.

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