How to Order VELUX Blinds – Get The Right One

With such a diverse range of VELUX Skylights available, it can be tricky working out which VELUX Blind is the right one. This guide will help you accurately identify which VELUX Skylight you have so you can feel confident that the VELUX Blind you’re ordering is the correct one.

This guide is broken into five, easy to follow steps:

Step 1 - Find the VELUX Data Plate

Every VELUX Skylight has a data plate mounted to the frame. This data plate shows the VELUX Model, Size, Variant and product information. You will need to locate this plate to find the Model and Size.

Where to Look

VELUX Product ID location for FS models

For FS models, the data plate is located at the bottom left frame. This can be done from inside but may require a ladder to access.

VELUX Product ID location for VS/VSE/VSS models

For VS/VSE models, the data plate is at the bottom left sash. This can be done from inside but may require a ladder to access.

VELUX Product ID location for GGL/GPL models

For GGL/GPL models, the window needs to be opened to see the data plate at the top edge. This can be done from inside but may require a ladder to access.

VELUX Product ID location for FCM/VCM/VCS models

For FCM/VCM/VCS models, the information is stamped into the side of the exterior covers. This will require accessing the VELUX Skylight from the roof.

Warning: getting to the data plate may involve using ladders and/or working at heights which can be dangerous - be careful or get a professional to 

HELP! I Can’t Find / Reach the Data Plate

Can't find the data plate or it's too high to access? Don't stress, we've prepared some instructions for identifying a VELUX Skylight based on its measurements.

Step 2 - Identify Your VELUX Model & Size

How to identify a VELUX Skylight or Roof Window

Once you've found the data plate, you can then identify the Model and Size of your VELUX.

You'll need these check which blinds are available for your VELUX Skylight or Roof Window and make sure you order the correct size.

The first set of characters are the Model.
The second of characters are the Size.

The Variant and Product information are not important when ordering a VELUX Blind.

We suggest writing down the Model and Size of your VELUX unit especially if you're ordering multiple blinds.

Identifying A VELUX Based on Measurements

If you were unable to access the data plate or couldn’t find it, your next best option is to measure the internal dimensions (inside the skylight / roof window) and match it to a model using the image below.

All VELUX Skylight and Roof Window Sizes

Use this image to identify which VELUX Model and Size you have.

HELP! I'm Not Sure Which Type / Model I Have

To find your VELUX Model, use the questions below.

Is your VELUX Skylight openable?
If it does, see the Opening models.
If not, see the Fixed models.

Is the angle of your roof mostly flat?
If it is, see the Flat Roof models.
If it isn't, see the Pitched Roof models.

TIP: VS is manually opened, usually with a rod. VSS is solar powered. VSE is electrically powered. Both the VSS and VSE use remotes.

HELP! I'm Not Sure Which Size I Have

To find your VELUX Size, use a measuring tape to measure the width and height inside the window. Measure near the glass and NOT at the bottom of the shaft. Use your measurements to match (as close as possible) to a size shown above.

Step 3 - Check Which VELUX Blinds Are Suitable

Now that you've got the Model of your VELUX Skylight, you can check which types of blinds are available for your unit using the table below.








DSD - Solar Blockout

FHCD - Manual Honeycomb

FSCD - Solar Honeycomb


DKL - Manual Blockout

FHC - Manual Honeycomb



FSCC - Solar Honeycomb


DSH - Solar Blockout

FSCH - Solar Honeycomb

Please note: new VELUX Blinds do not fit older VELUX products. If your VELUX was installed before 2004, we recommend you take a photo of your data plate and send us a copy via the contact form to check compatibility.

Blockout or HoneyComb

Close-up of VELUX Blockout blind

The VELUX Blockout blind provides the best blackout – day or night. With near complete blockout of light, they are perfect for bedrooms or anywhere else you need to completely block out the light.

  • Completely blocks the light out
  • Reflective backing which reduces heat gain & loss
  • Near-total light reduction
  • Reduces heat by approximately 40%*
  • Available in white only
  • White rails and body
  • Manual and solar powered versions available

*Based on VELUX internal testing with 3076 model roof window.

Close-up of VELUX Honeycomb blind

The VELUX Honeycomb Blind is a modern and stylish blind providing protection from both heat and glare, while providing a near complete blockout of light.

  • Stylish and modern design
  • Attractive honeycomb structured pleats
  • Near-total light reduction
  • Reduces heat by approximately 70% with insulated air pockets*
  • Available in white only
  • White rails and body
  • Manual and solar powered versions available

*Based on VELUX internal testing with 3076 model roof window.

If it Were Our Choice

We don't want to sway your decision but if you were to ask for our professional opinion, the honeycomb blinds are usually the better choice. This is because they provide better heat reduction which is always useful in hot Australian summers. We've also noticed that the blockout blinds can crinkle on the edges under some conditions.

Manual, Solar or Automatic

How are you going to open and close your VELUX Blind? The deciding factor here is generally the height of the VELUX Skylight or Roof Window.

If it's within arms reach then you manual opening is fine. If it's out of reach, then the Manual VELUX Blind Control Rod (ZXT 200) will extend your reach by 100-180cm. Make sure you factor in the additional cost of the control rod ($65 RRP) if you're choosing a manual blind.

If you'd prefer the simplicity of clicking a button to open/close your blinds, then solar opening is the way to go. This is especially true for VELUX Skylights that are higher than 3m. The solar opening blinds come with a wireless, wall mounted remote so you can place it next to a light switch for convenience.

For even greater control, a VELUX ACTIVE Kit allows you to open and close your blinds from you mobile phone. With sensor based monitoring of temperature, humidity and CO2, you'll have a healthier home with no extra effort. If you've got multiple VELUX Skylights or Roof Windows in your home, this will give you ability to control them all from your phone, even if you're away from home.

Step 4 - Make a Plan to Install The VELUX Blind

The next step is to make a plan on how you'll get your VELUX Blind installed. In most cases we recommend that you install the blind yourself. However, there are some situations that will require a professional to install it. This is when the VELUX Skylight is at an unsafe working height and requires a scaffold to safely access. Keep reading and decide if you'll install it yourself or use a professional.

DIY VELUX Blind Installation

Thanks to the VELUX Pick & Click! System, installing a VELUX Blind is easy to do yourself.

You don't need to be a DIY expert.

Just follow the step by step instructions below or watch the installation video.

VELUX Blind Installation Step 1

Unbox the blinds, checking you have all the parts. Locate the original VELUX mounting brackets inside the unit.

VELUX Blind Installation Step 2

Push the blinds into the VELUX unit and listen for the click as it locks into the mounting brackets.

VELUX Blind Installation Step 3

Adjust the blind to control the amount of light entering your VELUX Skylight or Roof Window.

Download VELUX Blind Installation Instructions

Professional VELUX Blind Installation

If your VELUX Skylight or Roof Window is located at a height that isn't safe to access using a ladder or is at the top of a long, narrow shaft, then professional installation may be required.

We install VELUX Blinds and there are some situations where the only safe way to install the blind is by erecting a scaffold. This can add to the cost of getting a VELUX Blind but is far better than falling from a height and injuring yourself. VELUX Blind installation costs will vary depending on who you get but you can expect to pay between $100-$300.

If you have doubts about doing it yourself, play it safe and hire a professional to perform the installation.

Step 5 - Order your New VELUX Blind

Congratulations! Now you know how to order a VELUX Blind with confidence.

You've learnt how to correctly identify the VELUX Skylight model and size you have. You've discovered which blinds are available for your VELUX. You've considered the different types of VELUX Blinds. You've made a plan for getting it installed. The only thing left to do, is order a VELUX Blind.

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